About Me

My aim is to help people experience a better career and life – and to help companies create a more open, collaborative culture – by spreading the practice of Working Out Loud.

Working out loud is an open, generous, connected approach to your goals. When you work out loud, you build relationships with a network of people who can help you. You gain access to more knowledge and more possibilities. You increase your chances of finding meaning and fulfillment.

To help people learn to approach work and life this way, I’ve written Working Out Loud. To put the ideas into practice, Working Out Loud circles (small peer support groups) are now forming in companies and countries around the world.

At workingoutloud.com, you can find resources and stories, and subscribe to weekly posts I write every Wednesday. (I use my personal blog to write about a broader range of themes that are important to me and might be interesting to you too.)

Thank you for your interest. If you would like to know more, please contact me at john.stepper@workingoutloud.com.